Sunday, May 21, 2006

Darkness ascends/ Sideshow

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art presents:

June 9 to August 13, 2006.

Darkness Ascends

Henry B. Benvenuti
Peter Beste
Paul Booth
Robert Boyd
Shary Boyle
Mat Brown
Joe Coleman
Andrea Cooper
François Escalmel
André Ethier
Janieta Eyre
Neil Farber
Anthony Goicolea
Sherri Hay
Jay Isaac
Brad Phillips
Ixone Sadaba
Carlos and Jason Sanchez
John Scott
Seth Scriver
Fiona Smyth
Richard Stipl
sunn o)))
Scott Treleaven

Publication text by Carlo McCormick Curator: David Liss

In general terms the exhibition Darkness Ascends is intended to consider dark aspects of the human psyche that seem to be embedded in our consciousness; troubling, disturbing, and evil, perhaps, yet integral to the identity of our species, of who we are. Often said to be in full eclipse at the turn of each century, there are many historical examples of artistic and vernacular expressions that have been inspired by demons personal and external, by dark forces perceived or imagined, or by actual threats to the self or to humanity. What precisely determines the persistent presence of such forces will never be certain although it may be a way to reconcile ourselves with a universe vast with potential and wonder yet seemingly characterized by banal routine, abjection and unspeakable cruelty. Indeed, darkness or evil may be regarded as elements necessary to our existence. Specifically, however, Darkness Ascends is intended to explore the internal and exterior conditions, the tensions and anxieties particular to our current era, adrift as we are in the shadowy twilight of failed Modernist and Western dreams.


Bob Tyrrell
The Pizz
Kurt Wiscombe

The exhibition Sideshow takes place in MOCCA’s media lounge and is intended as a thematic compliment to Darkness Ascends. This exhibition features artworks by three internationally renowned artists whose practices range from tattoo and illustration to more traditional fine art media. If life is a circus, these cats are the freaks!

All exhibitions and activities at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art are supported by Toronto Culture, the Ontario Arts Council, BMO Financial Group, individual memberships and private donations. Darkness Ascends is also supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Sideshow is also supported by, Rue Morgue House of Horror and the Bovine Sex Club.

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