Monday, December 05, 2011

Adventures in Paris and Switzerland...

A couple of months ago I went to visit some of my friends in Europe, it has taken me a while to post a blog about my trip but here it is now...
I started out in Paris where I went to visit Tin Tin and to be a guest artist at his shop Tin Tin Tatouages.
I was in Paris for a week, during which I did alot!
During my stay, I was able to do a few tattoos, his shop is great and it's in a really cool area of Paris. I had a really fun time hanging out there, everyone there was really cool, it was great to be able to watch Tin Tin and the other talented artists who work with him at work and to have the opportunity to briefly work along side them was a real honor!
If you ever find yourself in Paris I suggest you stop in to Tin Tin Tatouages, who knows you might even get lucky and be able to collect a tattoo while you're there!
I was also able to see a bit of Paris while I was there, I spent a day at the Louvre and was in awe of the many masterpieces that hang in every corner, it was a vast museum and I'm sure I didn't see everything. Viewing the works of the master painters is a huge inspiration for me, the paintings really speak to me, I could spend hours just looking at one of them.
While in Paris I was also lucky enough to see a group art show at  La Halle Saint Pierre, near the Montmartre area of Paris, which features an entire room of paintings by my good friend Titine Leu, this show is only up for a limited time so I was really lucky to be there while it was on!
I went to the catacombs which was a really special place for me I spent a few hours down there pondering the lives of the bones I was witness to and thinking about the history of the people entombed there.
...And I even got to spend some time relaxing in the beautiful French countryside with Tin Tin's family who were great hosts and some of the nicest people I've met!
Paris was great, I love Paris!

After Paris, I went to visit my good friends the Leu family, in Switzerland!
Filip and I did a collaborative back-piece on Jonny Murdoch, a tattoo artist from Victoria, B.C..
I had met Jonny in 2010 at the Saskatoon Tattoo Convention, he asked me then if I would be interested in doing a skull back-piece in collaboration with Filip Leu. Filip and I had worked on another back together a couple of years ago and that one was alot of fun, so to get to do another one with him, and for it to be a skull, well of course I said yes!
He contacted Filip who also agreed to do it, and so we met up in Ste-Croix, Switzerland at Filip's shop to do the tattoo.
We spent one day doing concept sketches then drawing the piece directly on his back, planning it out and making sure it all works. The next day we tattooed it, Filip and I worked together at the same time switching sides every now and then so that we both worked on every area of the tattoo. The session lasted six hours and we were able to complete the tattoo.
That was alot of fun, and it was an honor to once again work with Filip!
After the collaborative tattoo, I spent the week mostly relaxing, we made some music, I painted, hung out at the tattoo shop a bit, I got to have a great visit with Filip and Titine, I got to see Loretta, Tania and Ajja as well as some other friends.
At the end of my trip Filip tattooed my thigh, he did a tattoo inspired by one of his paintings to go with my other thigh which he did a few years ago, also inspired by one of his paintings.
I had a great time visiting the Leu family and I hope to see them again soon!

Here are some pictures from my trip...


Painting by Kurt Wiscombe, Oil on Canvas paper, Switzerland 2011