Monday, October 17, 2005

Home from London

Alex and I had great time in London!
It was nice to meet many people as well as visit with old friends.
The convention was really good and big, it was like three floors and they were all packed, it took place at the Old Truman brewery in the White chapel area of London.
A definate highlight was taking place in the art camp presented by Paul Booth and company and the Leu family. Alex and I have participated in "the artfusion experiment" many times in the past and this was the second art camp we have been in, the first one was in San Francisco in 2002. The idea of art camp is a group of artists get together to create collaborative paintings. It's always fun to work with others and the collaborative process produces artwork that could only be created this way, it is a truly unique thing.

Check out the artfusion experiment website for more on this.

Alex and I did alot of running around while we were in London and saw many great things.
One thing that we will always remember is our visit to Highgate cemetary in north London, it's always been a dream of Alex's and mine to visit this place and it was amazing.

Thank you Miki Vialetto for putting on such a great show!