Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Toronto 2009

I just got back from Toronto where I attended the Northern Ink Xposure tattoo convention once again. I had a great time and was very busy all weekend tattooing and visiting with old friends.
Alex and I actually arrived in Toronto on Tuesday, a few days before the convention so that we could participate in an art fusion event at the Berkley Cathedral.
Lets back up a couple of weeks first....
At the beginning of May, Alex and I received two plaster skulls in the mail, these were sent out to about 45 artists each of which were asked to decorate the skull however they saw fit. The skulls would later be put on display and up for auction to support a Toronto children's arts program.
So back to the event now... the skulls that everybody made were put on display at this old cathedral and Alex and I along with Paul Booth, Glen Paradis, Hailin Fu and Joe Hegarty, did a big acrylic painting in front of what was a party for music industry folks kicking off the North By Northeast music festival which was on in Toronto at the same time we were there.
Later the skulls were put on display for the duration of the tattoo convention in the lobby of the Hilton hotel. The skulls all sold in an exciting auction situation with people shouting out bids at the last minute.
The Toronto convention is always fun, if you can, I recommend you check it out sometime, it's every June.
Here are a few photos....
The skulls on display on the cathedral
Paul Booth with his "Death Prawn"

A Few other skulls

The Finished painting
Alex's skull

My skull
Alex and Jovanka and the Rue Morgue office and Funeral home