Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hoodoo Vision

Announcing my latest print!
"Hoodoo Vision"
This one is a Stone Lithograph, printed on very high quality acid free paper (Peschia)
Limited Edition of 20, each print is signed and numbered.
Size 25.5 x 28 cm
$50. each (plus shipping)
E-mail me if you would like to order one....

"Hoodoo Vision"
Kurt Wiscombe 2011
Stone Lithograph on Paper
25.5 x 28 cm
Ltd. Edition of 20, Signed and Numbered

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Toronto/ Los Angeles

Got home about a week ago from Los Angeles, where I was a part of the "Tattoo Masters Invitational" Tattoo Convention put on by Permanent Mark. It was a blast, I had a great time! I got to see some old friends and meet some legendary tattooers!
One of the highlights was a roast of Hanky Panky!
As well it was fun to visit with everyone, meet some really cool people and do a few tattoos.
I would like to say thank you to Permanent Mark for inviting me to be a part of this great event!
Before the convention, I spent a few days chilling out in Hollywood, a super fun town that until now, I had only spent a little bit of time in.
I got to see alot, I went to the beach, I walked all over Hollywood, went to the "Ripley's, Believe it or not..." museum, went to the Museum of Death, went to a Rush concert, went to a few tattoo shops, went to a cemetery, all the fun stuff!
Before I went to  L.A., I was in Toronto for a week, with Alex and Jay. We went there for the annual "Northern Ink Xposure" tattoo convention, which was a great time as usual! This was Jay's first time working at a tattoo convention!
We also went there to help Damian McGrath put together an art show which was on display during the convention it was called "Death", it was a group show where each artist was sent a coffin shaped board and asked to do their interpretation of... you guessed it...Death! The show was fabulous and Alex, Jay and I are proud to have been a part of it!
The show is set to travel around the world, for more info check out
Here are some pictures from my trip...
Pictures from Toronto...
 Alex unpacking some of the boards for the art show
Aaron Bell and Damian on Queen St.
 Setting up the art show
The set-up crew
People at the show
Steve Moore
Jay, with his first convention tattoo (a swallow on the guys hand)
Jay tattooing
Some tattoos I did...
Alex's coffin painting
Jay with Lyle Tuttle
A tattoo in progress I worked on
Jay, Me and Steve Moore
Sarah Rogers, Jay, and Scott Veldhoen

Pictures from Los Angeles...

Bob Tyrrell tattooing Carlos Torres
Me at the beach (Santa Monica)
Bob Tyrrell, Charlie Roberts and Me at Spotlight Tattoo
Bob and Amber at the Rainbow
A Siamese turtle.
Philadelphia Eddie, Me and Gil Montie
A tattoo I did
Trevor McStay working on a back
Permanent Mark
Bob, Freddy Negrete and Me
Paul Jeffries, Sandra and Trevor McStay
Another tattoo I did
Me, Rodney Raines and Bob
Mike Davis, Me and Mike Skiver

On a sad note, I just learned yesterday of the passing of Bill Jamieson a great guy who would often have groups of crazy tattooed people over to his lovely home in Toronto to show off his collection of oddities, rest in peace.
 Me and Bill Jamieson with a couple of shrunken heads, Toronto 2000