Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home from Toronto

Toronto was lots of fun, it was great to meet lots of new and interesting people and see some old friends.
One of the best parts was doing an "Art fusion" performance with Bob Tyrrell and Paul Booth.
Thank you to Rue morgue magazine for making this happen.

Here are some pictures....
Above: Bob, Myself and Paul doing art fusion. Below are the three charcoals that we produced, they will be auctioned off on e-bay and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Left to right: Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell, KW
Linda Blair and KW (above)

Here I am with Walter phelan who played one of my favorite characters Dr. Satan in Rob Zombies House of 1000 corpses.

For more pictures go to

(Top photo is of course me with one of my childhood heroes Alice Cooper!!)