Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Adventures in Switzerland and Evian

Well, last month I went on yet another trip to Switzerland to visit my old friends the Leu family.
This time however, I made a stop along the way in Evian, France to attend the tattoo convention there.
The convention was really fun and busy, I enjoyed this one alot. There were a few familiar faces to me there but for the most part I had the pleasure of making alot of new acquaintances at this one.
I did a couple of skull tattoos and worked on this sleeve that I had started in Milano a few months previous.
Evian was a nice place, very picturesque, I wanted to go and drink water from the source of Evian water but it was closed, oh well maybe next time.
After the convention I took a boat across lake Geneva to Lausanne, Switzerland, where I found some of the folks from the convention hanging out at The Leu Family's Family Iron tattoo shop. It was a great end to the tattoo convention weekend.
Thank you to Dats, who organized the tattoo convention for being a great host.
In the week that followed I went and stayed with Filip, Titine and Loretta in there cool funky old house in Swiss farm country where we wrote and recorded music most of the rest of the week.
It was a great relaxing and creative time.
Oh, did I mention I helped them move 7 tonnes of wood. hahaha
At the end of the week Filip and I went into Lausanne once again to work on a collaborative backpiece. Jesse Tseronis (aka Jesse Winchester) flew in from his home in Winchester, Virginia to have Filip and I start his back together.
Considering that it was a rather large cover up, Filip and I discussed various ideas of what to do and in the end we decided to do a giant dragon claw clutching a black pearl with a skull and snakes within the pearl surrounded by swirling water on his butt and lightning coming off of the pearl.
It all went well and we were able to complete the black work for the piece in about 5 hours.
We will both work on it individually to complete it or perhaps get together again on it sometime, who knows?
To cap things off, the next day before my flight home, Filip finished the tattoo on my leg that he's been working on, it's an abstract piece taken from one of his paintings. I will post pictures of the tattoo in a later post when its all settled in and I can get good pictures of it.
Anyway that was my trip, here are some pictures...