Monday, June 06, 2011

Saskatoon and beyond...

Wow, it's been a busy couple of months since I last posted...
In April, J. Majury and I went on a road trip to Saskatoon for the "Ink Alley Tattoo Convention"! This was the second year that I have been to this convention and it is alot of fun, Saskatoon is a great city and we met alot of cool people and saw some cool tattoos too!
This was also the first time in well over a decade since I went on a road trip of any kind, it was really fun to drive and get out in the country. Along the way we picked up Sean Treble from Planet Caravan Tattoo in Regina. We all had a great time in Saskatoon, if you're in the prairies, don't miss this show next year!

Back home, things have been busy around the shop, working on alot of tattoos for folks as well as working on some paintings and other art projects.
I finished two paintings in the last while, both for upcoming projects, one of which is the "Death" art show which will be on June 16th. at the Hilton in downtown Toronto. Alex and Jay also did paintings for the show which was curated by Damian McGrath of with some assistance in curating from  Skull and Bones Gallery.
The "Death" show will mark the beginning of the Toronto Tattoo Convention ( N.I.X.) weekend, so if you're in the Toronto area, come on down and check out the show, here's the info..."Death" ,  hope to see you there!
Here are some pictures from Saskatoon...

This one was a partial cover-up
 Me, J. Majury and Sean Treble
 Wanda Treble (Sean's Mom), J. Majury, and Sean Treble
 This is me tattooing at "Rights of Passage Tattoo" in Saskatoon another late night tattoo session!

 This is Jay and I with this cool old guy we met in Whitewood, Saskatchewan named "Old George" he has this great old house from the 1880's and a huge collection of cool stuff which he was kind enough to give us a tour of!