Monday, October 23, 2006


I will have two small paintings in the upcoming art show "Arcanum" in New York City.
This is a group show with some amazing artists involved, anyone who can make it should go and check it out.
Click here to see some of the works which will appear in this show.

Kurt Wiscombe 2006
9x15 cm
Watercolor, ink and white in frame
See this one at the show.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jason Berezuk

I'm sad to say that an old friend of ours, Jason Berezuk has passed away. He was someone who Alex and I became very good friends with in the 1990's and we spent alot of time together back then. He was a special person and will always have a special place in our hearts. We will miss him.

Jason was a brilliant body piercer and suspension artist, he also wore the first full back tattoo I ever did, here you can see it (above).

Here is an old shot of Jason and I with Lemmy from Motörhead.